Study shows job morale in public sector remains high

Thursday 16th February 2012

The poll, for TMP Worldwide, shows job satisfaction for public sector staff is running at 75%, with 40% saying they are happier with their jobs than a year ago.

Senior local authority managers also fared well in the study, with two out of three staff (69%) saying they positively supported them. Almost all staff (93%) said they trusted their manager more now than they did a year ago.

Robert Peasnell of TMP Worldwide said: ‘Our survey findings came as quite a surprise - and contrast with some of our anecdotal impressions. The vast majority of public sector staff appear to enjoy their jobs and support their employers and managers.

‘It seems that for millions of people, doing a job providing essential services for the public is still immensely valued and rewarding.

‘Our findings do appear to contradict the image often portrayed of dispirited, disgruntled and rebellious public sector staff.'